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June 2017


Spit run again!

25 June 2017

Our Homer spit is a natural geological feature, probably a leftover glacial moraine from back in the ice age days. It is one of the longest spits in the world at 4 ish miles.

Every summer, there is a run from the high school to the end of the spit, the spit run, and more recently coined “10k to the Bay”. I do it every year. Always have, and hopefully always will. :)

I don’t really consider myself a runner, even though I diiiid do cross country in 7th grace haha. But I am a spit runner. :) I proudly started as a 5 year old and have done it every summer I’m around. 

Soooo the past couple years they started charging $30 to register the race! Not awesome. Think how many Bagel Shop bagels I could eat for $30. So the past couple years I silently protested by not registering and running anyway. :) Hopefully they’ll drop the registration price back down because I know I wasn’t the only bandit runner who didn’t want to pay. 

Stacy and I sort of unfortunately skipped the first two miles and did the last four, but that’s okay. She didn’t know how well he baby would do in the stroller for an hour and a half and so we decided to skip the beginning. But whoa, we still ran-walked four miles! That’s pretty much the only running I’ve done since the last spit run a year ago. Seriously. 

Our babies ended up doing great! But it was the toddler and my nieces that had a hard time haha. Buuuut we all made it. Hooray!

My dear ol’ dad was so kind and faithful to follow along and cheer us all on, just like the old days. That was nice.  

My sister Holly and her husband Jordin and their two girls ran too, but one of the girls went with me most of the time, and the rest of the time in Stacy’s stroller. So it was a good family affair!

Stacy previously insisted that we’d be walking the race with our strollers, and then out of somewhere she got a burst of energy and started running! It was funny, but she left me and Katy behind and it took us a while to catch up with her. Funny girl. I love her. She’s really good. 

When we did catch up to her, my other sister and other niece caught up too! So we were all together for the last mile and a half and it was the best. 

The weather couldn’t have been better. It was sunny and beautiful, but with a good breeze to keep us a little cooler. What a gorgeous day. 


JUN 22

23 June 2017

I was thinking of only posting a couple pictures, but how can I not post so many when my boy is so adorable in every one of them!

I just adore this child so very much. I hope my love for him (and others) just keeps growing and growing. 

I think today was a good day for most of my family. We all got some good time together and some good time apart. My sister Stacy brought her babe Hudson over and it was delightful. It’s such a special experience having baby boys together and it’s so fun to see them grow and play. 

While Stacy and Hudson were over, Apollo and the pooch and a cat took me on a walkie. We sang our walkie song and headed toward the woods. I love our forest and being outside.  

Later in the evening we all reconvened at my mom’s house. We had some tasty food (zucchini muff muffs) and a good little time together. 

Speaking of food, Apollo has been experiencing some here and there. Apple and banana today! So messy, but pretty cute. We need to find a good high chair for our house but don’t have one yet. 

Also, every time the two babes are around each other, I am grateful to not currently have twins! I do sure love my twin friends da though! Everything is as it should be. 

PS we’ve started watching Anne with and E and we thinks it’s swell. 

PPS Edel is comfy cozy laying between my legs right now and I have very little room on our bed right now. 

PPPS new moon and big low tides right now!



Hobo Jim’s youngest fanĀ 

21 June 2017

It’s Tuesday! 

That reminds me of the book Tuesdays with Morrie, which I never finished reading. Maybe I should listen to it…

Hobo Jim plays at AJ’s Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and tonight we took our guests to his show and had dinner. It was great!! 

Hobo Jim is an Alaskan music man. He makes such great music and Chris and I love jamming out to him in the car! 

It was such a good experience listening to him live and watching him perform. I loved it a lot. My in-laws and their friends enjoyed it too! Really nice to have RaNae and Ray and Wayne and Judy here with us. 
And before our dinner and show, I hung out at my mom’s house with my sister Stacy, and her boys, and my dad, and my cherub babe. I love having Stacy here visiting. I really love that sister of mine and she’s great to have around. And her boys are wonderful too. I’d love if she lived closer, but it’s great visiting her in California. 

While we were over there’d we all got a little snooze in! Funny assortment of pictures haha. 

Aaaanf here’s my perfect angel boy! Who has been keeping us up the past few nights. Buuuut we adore him anyway. So so much. He just fills my heart and life. 


Sunday the 11th

12 June 2017

Christopher and I are watching Call the Midwife right now. And my oh my, it is heartbreaking. Some of these episodes and stories are so heavy. But with that, there’s also a lot of joy at the birth of healthy happy babies. Nothing more magical than that!

Apollo just woke up and is watching it with us. Oh he is ever so precious. 

We had a couple of his cousins over today to play after church. And Apollo really enjoyed his new wooden hammer from his Grandma Nae. She is so giving and gave Apollo some perfect new toys!

We’re so happy she and Ray are in town!

When cousin Brady came over with Natalie, we made he and cousin Hudson some friendship bracelets. Join the club, kid!

The cat is snoring right now. Apollo is snoozing in my arms. And call the midwife just got over. Chris and I should probably go to bed so we can start our day well tomorrow. 

All of the heartbreak in call the midwife makes me think of people’s trials and struggles. Life is difficult for so many people and for so many different reasons. I wish happiness and peace for people through their hard times. I really do wish for that, every 11:11 I catch. And lately I’ve been catching a lot of 11:11s. 


Church youth garage sale

4 June 2017

Ugh. That’s how I feel about it. 


Hallelujah it’s over!

And I plan to never do it again. 

So hallelujah for that too. 

It’s just so. much. work. Yes, it makes a couple thousand doll hairs dollars for the youth camps, and it gets community members familiar with the church members and building, and it helps people get of stuff, and others to get some great deals, but, it’s a load of not very fun work. And a lot of that load goes on the youth leaders’ shoulders. 

It was nice hanging out with great people today, and it was awesome that it was sunny, but the garage sale kind of promotes consumption of stuff, stuff people don’t need. We Americans tend to have a stuff problem anyway. And then we’re try and get people to buy baked goods, hot dogs, and hamburgers, none of which are that great for our physical health. 

As a youth leader, I do really appreciate everyone’s support for the garage sale. People can be so so good. Many great people graciously donated their possessions, time, baked goods, and efforts to helping make the garage sale a success. It was a team effort. 

And our cute boys were so good. 

And wow. After being gone doing garage sale stuff for nine hours today, and busy with it the past week, I am soooo glad that fundraiser is over! And glad I plan to not do it again! 

PS I ate way too many baked goods today. And pizza. Some of which got taken away haha – funny story. But I don’t feel well after fillling my belly with crappy food. 

PPS There were some great moments today. One was seeing an old friend and neighbor and hearing about her happy, fulfilling life. It made me so glad to hear she was doing well, living homestead style, and expecting a baby! 

*My most favorite moment of the day was when one of the young men was holding and taking care of the babies. It was so sweet. And he said something like, “holding a baby always makes you feel better.” And true dat.