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October 2018


Fab Four

24 October 2018

I have this picture on the laptop desktop, and it’s a treasure. Not sure what year this is from… though it was when we were all at Chapman school so I had to be in 1st or 2nd grade, making it 1996 ish. Or maybe 1995. Just makes me grateful for my siblings and family.

And looks like overalls were big that year!


Home again!

23 October 2018

Apollo and I just got home from a biiiiiig trip. We were gone almost four weeks and that is too long! But our journey was wonderful and we were able to spend some great time with people we love.

First we stopped in Seattle a few days to play with my BFF, Carla girl. And of course to meet her new puppy, Tucker.

Then on to California, where we spent 11 days with my sister, Stacy, and her family. Apollo had such good cousin time (for the most part) with Brady and Hudson. My dad and grandad and uncle and aunt were also in Ojai, CA while we were there. It’s always so great to spend time in Ojai.

Utah was next. We were there six days and stayed with Chris’s mom, Apollo’s grandparents. I really wanted to go on this trip to keep Apollo connected to everyone and it happened just like that. Our family members were really happy to see him and I want Apollo to know who they are. Oh, and I ate Cafe Rio three times and it was so good.

Then came Vegas, where Chris’s brother’s family lives. I flew there with Chris’s mom and spent a couple days there, and ate Cafe Rio two more times haha. Apollo’s cousins loved seeing him and I loved watching them run around and play together. Really glad we stopped there on our way home.

AND NOW, we are home. And it feels so good to be back home, in my space, and with my number one homie. 😊

(Pictures from our Monday, Saturday, and Friday family walkies)

PS. 24 weeks pregnant with baby boy and doing pretty well. Love feeling the baby move and I love my pregnant belly.