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5 weeks and Valentime

21 March 2019

Valentine’s Day was 5 weeks ago, and the blessed day I went into labor with little River. I’m so happy he’s here with us and that he arrived at the perfect time. ❤️

I was 41 weeks pregnant and ready for baby boy to arrive. I was doing good things to prepare for baby and his arrival, and we knew a walk would help. And it being our Valentine’s tradition of a family beach walk, we headed toward bishops beach.

2018 Valentines

2017 Valentines

2016 Valentines

No beach walk pictures, but I did find this gem. And Dad gifted me a pregnancy test for some reason, which is extra funny because this is right around the time I got pregnant with Apollo! Found out a couple weeks later. :)

2015 Valentines

2014 Valentines

First Valentine’s Day wedded, living in a studio on the beach in Hawaii. Good times.

2013 Valentines

Long distance dating (ugh) and Chris came to Hawaii to visit. Good times! He planned a great valentine’s date for us.

Valentines before that… not much recollection of anything except for doing a huge group date with my Hale 2 friends freshman year at BYUH.

This year Valentines was extra special since I went to the hospital to bring little River to the world, completely surrounded by love.