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‘Ello Poppet

31 March 2015

So let me tell you…. We’ve got a pregnant kitty right now (on the right) and I’m so excited for kittens and for Bel to become a mama. The picture on the left is of Luna, the stray cat we adopted in Hawaii who got pregnant and I was so excited for her kitties. For probably a month, everytime I’d come home or wake up, I was hoping there’d be kittens. But I never got to meet her kitties, but she became a good mama and even adopted a little stray kitten that her new family found or something like that.

We sadly had to give Luna away when we left Hawaii last April. It was so sad when we took her to her new family. :( But it worked out really well and felt right. We would’ve liked to bring her home with us but it wasn’t working out, especially since she was so pregnant. She was a great backpack loving cat who could climb the screen door really well. Luna made our Hawaii days even better. And she started to get so cuddly and would follow us around, even out to the beach! That was because of her pregnancy hormones and such.

Anyway, Luna is in the picture on the left, a year ago, and the other picture is of Bel yesterday! Cracks me up that they look so similar and all this is just a year apart. Kitties yay! We’re excited for Bel to have a litter of kitties.

Also in case you were wondering, I made some grand cookies on Sunday, and ate like 200 of them yesterday. Cheers!


AND OMG yesterday I got a Facebook call, my first Facebook call, and it was Patrícia, her sister Fernanda, and her mom Miria. Those three are some of the beloved people from my mission. Oh it was so good and happy and unexpected to talk with them. <3<3<3  I can’t wait to go back to Brazil, to take Chris with me, and to reunite with my wonderful mission peeps that I love so very much.


It snowed! PTL.

9 March 2015

I woke up this morning (it’s something I do everyday), looked out our window, and omg snow! So I strapped on my bootstraps, put my Iditarod headband on my head, and opened the front door for Edel to book it outside. The morning light + snow was especially beautiful so I grabbed our camera to do some hands on photography studying.

Chris knows a lot about photography, cameras, lightroom… and it’s so nice. I have a lot to learn about it all. I often capture some lovely photos, but Chris usually does all the editing. I took care of it today though! :) I’m thinking of doing some Kelby training so I can learn more about photography/adobe lightroom, because I love taking pictures and having good photos. It’s really important to Chris and me.

Edel and I were lucky enough to enjoy our adventure walk together this morning, and she ended up being the subject of most of my photos. She posed so well. :) I just love that puppy.IMG_9953IMG_9959IMG_9968IMG_9952IMG_9987IMG_9980IMG_0035IMG_0012IMG_9999IMG_0019IMG_0038

Alaska, Favorites

Adventure isn’t far

21 January 2015

Chris and I wanted to go on a little outing. We packed our puppy, camera, sleeping bags, warm clothes, a couple books, PBJ supplies, an excessive amount of fruit snacks, and got on the ro-ad. We headed north and after a couple short hours we arrived at our destination, Hidden Lake. We had no reception, and Chris intentionally left his phone behind, and it got dark. So we ate and then took a nap, at like 7 pm. I tried to keep Chris from sleeping by coercing him to play alphabet car games with me. We did the ABCs of countries, US cities, maybe animals, and at some point Chris was ready to sleep. We just laid our sleeping pads (I mean sleeping pad, since we forgot one) and cuddled in the back of the car with da pooch Edelweiss.

At like 10 pm or so, we were done napping, so we got some granola bars and headed out for an icy walk under the starry skies. Edel was read for adventure and we fortunately have a great glow in the dark ball for her that we launch and chuck and throw and project, and she still has energy to fetch the ball ten hundred more times. Our walk was so nice. So lovely to disconnect and feel the world around you.

After an aokay night’s rest in the car, letting Edel out many times in the middle of the night to prance around, we got up to b-e-a-utiful surroundings. Here in Homer, the weather has been oddly warm and lacking snow. So it was so nice seeing some white around and to have a chance to wear my snowsuit! Awesome.

We went on one of the greatest hikes ever, with nature delighting us with so many wonders, and my cozy snowsuit eventually got waaaaay too warm. So I did the old snowsuit trick of unzipping and letting the top half of my suit dangle behind me. Chris and I took pictures all along the way and it was absolutely splendid.

Cooper Landing called us next, and we saw a bit more snow there, which was exciting. There were definitely some winter wonderland moments. One of our stops was Widman’s, where I got some hot cocoa and burned my tongue, and Chris got his cream soda. Edel had some water, and she was happy with that. She’s pretty much usually always happy.

This little trip made Chris and I happy too. There’s a lot of wonderful wonderment around us, sometimes it pops up right in front of you, and sometimes you have to just look for it.

Here’s a whole bunch of lovely photos.

IMG_7973IMG_7976 IMG_7987 IMG_7992 IMG_8007 IMG_8009 IMG_8026 IMG_8027 IMG_8030 IMG_8047 IMG_8086 IMG_8054 IMG_8060 IMG_8067 IMG_8072 IMG_8077 IMG_8081  IMG_8092 IMG_8096 IMG_8103 IMG_8107 IMG_8110 IMG_8123 IMG_8126 IMG_8130 IMG_8131 IMG_8150 IMG_8152 IMG_8158 IMG_8161 IMG_8165 IMG_8166 IMG_8169 IMG_8196 IMG_8204


November 23rd

23 November 2014

I love sundays. The day has a general feeling of loveliness.

Today I am grateful for the time I took to prepare for my sunday lesson. Also, our sacrament meeting today was super! The musical number was fantastic. It was awe-some. And the speakers were inspired too and I’m grateful when people take the time to share their thoughts and experiences with others. Church is great for me.

I’m thankful that Chris and I have funny animals that make us chuckle everyday.

I’m thankful that my sister and her family live so close. We went over there tonight and I played sims with the girls. :) And I had some goat and deer. It’s very nice having healthy meat around. And then Chris and I went to the Bowden’s house and tried some homemade granola. Yum. And piña coladas. Food is quite nice.

So pumpkin pie is reeeeal good to me these days. I’m grateful for a loving mother who brought some pumpkin pie over for us. Sharing is caring. :) I’m also grateful she brought us mouse traps… because we killed the mouse who has been living under our stove. It was kind of traumatic, but I think it’ll be better than adding a mouse to our house.

ALSO, the song Glorious by David Archuleta from Meet the Mormons is one of my new favorites.



November 20th

20 November 2014

Thankful Thursday and today I am most grateful that Chris made me go to volleyball! Note to smelf: I love playing volleyball. GO PLAY.

Today I subbed as a librarian/intervention teacher at Chapman School. LOVED IT. It was really good and I’m so glad I said yes to the job. It’s like a twenty minute drive to Anchor Point. I went to Chapman for kindergarten, first, and second, and it was great being out there and with the kids and staff. What a great school.

I’m grateful for my school days. What great experiences. In elementary I was in quest with Mrs. Ladd, and I did lots of library stuff with her. I loved my time with her. Anyway, my library days came in handy today as I labeled a bunch of books and organized the library. It was a really good and valuable school day for me. So grateful for how it’s working out. Say yes.

IMG_0336I’m grateful I followed the spirit and went to the sign language class at the church. Good to learn and good fellowshipping and a good time with beloved people. I felt like I should go, and after trying to talk myself out of it, I just went. And it was good.

Our kitty Bel pooped on the living room floor. LAME. I was playing piano and smelled poo, and then I saw it. My honey husband came and cleaned it right up like a champ. And that motivated me to clean the kitchen and unload the dishwasher after three days. :) I love our life, kitty poop and all, and I’m grateful for the life Heavenly Father has blessed us with.


November 12th

12 November 2014


IMG_1256IMG_6961 2 IMG_6170IMG_9419 3

I love wind. Okay, that’s not entirely true, because there are definitely times (especially in the harbor) when it is too windy and cold for me. What I  love are magical moments that are nice and windy, where I feel peace. Like I just have some great memories of windy moments where I could feel Heavenly Father’s love. With the storm somewhere that I don’t know hardly anything about, our weather here has been a little more cuckoo. Today was quite windy. And it made me feel and think of God’s love and power. I’m grateful for those moments that ground us.

I’m also grateful to my dear family and our times working together. It’s funny and good. We’ve been doing a lot of that lately helping my dad clean out an old house he just bought.

I’m grateful for my precious lovely nieces and the joy they bring me. Oh I love them so so much. They helped me make cupcakes for the young women for mutual. And then of course they decorated some and there were sprinkles (and sewing pins) all around and that is great. They play so well and make me really happy.

IMG_0794IMG_7211 2

Chris and Dad and I all went to mutual last night and I’m so happy and grateful to work with and serve the youth. For YW decorated lots and lots of cupcakes and it was fun and we shared (and ate) some and that was good. Really grateful for the good influence of the church and gospel in my life.

Aaaaand… grateful for rummikub! I totally love playing that these days.

IMG_8147 4


November 3rd

3 November 2014


Chris and I stayed up till just after midnight, but I was sleepy and sometimes I’m narcoleptic, and I fell lying in front of the heater in my fabulous pink tights (that I bought from Claire’s on a high school volleyball trip like ten years ago). Well miss Edel Cradle came and laid right by me and it was sweet and I love her and she’s a really good cuddler. I’m grateful that I love Edelweiss.

Morning came and we took the pooch out for her usual walk and ball tossing escapade. Since it’s snowy, the kitty no longer joins on our jaunts. I’m grateful for the trails next to our house and for the great chuck it balls and ball launcher, because it all keeps our doggy quite happy, and Chris and I enjoy it too. I love the morning walks, even if some mornings I lay in bed on my phone, until I’m too hungry or have to pee so bad that I finally get out of bed. True story.


I’m really grateful the my sister Holly and her family live just five minutes away from us. It is so nice. I love being in their home, playing with my nieces, watching the chickens, talking with them, playing games, eating… it’s great. I’m grateful they have a great washer and dryer that we’ve been using sometimes lately; our washer is broken which is lame. But it’s nice that Sister lets us use hers!


I’m grateful for cool treasures and for opportunities to serve others. Serving helps me and it makes me feel mo better.


And I’m so so grateful for our ward’s “empty nester’s FHE!” That’s Family Home Evening, where you get together with family type people on a monday night and enjoy lovely things and learn something together. Chris and I went to our friends’ home and ate together with other friends, and then heard a nice message and had a good discussion. Oh there’s so many people I love so much and I’m grateful to be loved by them.

I’m grateful that our kitty Bel likes Jesus.


PS. Chris had a mustache for 24 hours. And I’m grateful for the laughs that came from it, and that he doesn’t have a mustache anymore. :) I love my honey boy husband mancub Christoph.