Free Day in Jerusalem

19 January 2009
Our first day with no class that wasn’t Shabbat, so what does one do when free to venture around Jerusalem?  
Why walk the walls surrounding the Old City of course! (Followed by an afternoon of shopping and bartering…)

One of my fun fun cooooool roomies, Carly, and I after we had paid our 11 shekels ($3ish) to walk around the walls.

Kara and I, excited to embark on a  2 1/2 hour long journey.

Posing it up in a little mini cave/ windowless window on the way up the stairs.

Kara Schumacher. Yeah, she’s pretty cool.

Walking around the wall! There were like 30 of us at first doing it, but eventually we all spread out. As you can see, Marianne and I are pretty excited about this adventure.

Behind a sweet, old gate.

Carly and I are so happy to be cruising in Jerusalem too! And this was before the Jerusalem cruisers.

Up on the wall, we could see soooo much. Beautiful views. I’m feel like I’m in a time warp in this city.

By this cool garden on people rooftops basically, I think.

Door. Wall. Street. Old City. 

Mini photoshoot, as we walk. 

Oh Jerusalem!

Roomies (+Shamra)!! What good adventures we have. This city is so crazy amazing. Amacrazing.

We like those photo shoots.

Behind Kara and I is… hmm… I forgot actually. But I think it might be the hill that Christ was crucified on. I don’t remember right now. Maybe later. There’s just so much to learn…. so much.

BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies!!! I love this place.

Little boys like to play.
Here is one of them. He had a very very cute little puppy. 
Stopping for a little snack break. We had a loooong walk. 

She gave him some money to take a picture of him and the puppy, and he kept asking for more.

So did they. 

Lauren and Chelsea!

Walking the wall, in Jerusalem, whoa.

We were trying to take this picture so that the Dome of the Rock would be a little hat on my head, but it didn’t work too extremely fabulously.

When we finally got done with our long trip around the wall, six of us girls went to the Old City for a bit of shopping. They got some candy to hook up the Shekel Shaq at the Center.

I bought the sweeeetest Jerusalem cruisers, made out of camel leather. Oh they are blessed sandals. And for 50 shekels, which is about $12. In case you guys didn’t know, I LOVE THEM. But this picture isn’t that good of them. I’ll get some better ones up later. And I’ll also get some of the most amazing bag that I bought on this lovely day.

In the Old City we went to the Jewish Quarter too. I really liked it there. So clean and open aaaannnddd…

I bought a yummy yummy piece of pizza. So if you’re in the Jewish Quarter, you should go to this place. It was good, and Kosher, a must here in the Holy Land.

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