I Love Shabbat!

11 January 2009

     In J Town/Jerusalem, the Sabbath is on Saturday, not Sunday. And in Hebrew the word for Sabbath is Shabbat. Oh how I’m loving this Shabbat-ness.            The Jerusalem branch starts at 10 and is in the auditorium here in the the center. We definitely have the most amazing view of any chapel ever. Instead of there being a brick wall behind the pulpit, there are a bunch of beautiful windows with an even more beautiful view. We sit in church and look out over the beautiful city of Jerusalem, everything. It’s so amazing. I love love love it.      So this little Jerusalem branch has a few permanent members of people that work at the embassy or consulate and stuff. There’s a couple little families and a few other peeps. There’s also this one wonderful Palestinian woman who lives in Bethlehem, and she sure has a difficult time getting through the check points to come into Jerusalem. She wasn’t able to come to church for quite a long time actually, but now she works for the UN so she can get through with a bit more ease.     

     After church was over, my three fabulous roomies and I were sitting in the sunshine on our little deck working on our Old Testament reading and doing so good ol’ journaling, and of course, having a bit of a photo shoot here and there. It was fun fun fun! Hooray for fun Shabbat pictures in the Holy Land. Hooray for Shabbat in general peeps; it’s the best.

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