26 March 2009

Wednesday, March 25: Woke up of course. Got ready. Walked out my door. Picked a beautiful hibiscus from the bush in front of my door. Put the beautiful hibiscus in my hair. Went to breakfast. Ate some yummy yummy granola with yogurt. Walked back to the lovely shores of the Sea of Galilee. Had three wonderful hours of New Testament class with Brother Huff.  Ate lunch that wasn’t very good. Free for the rest of the beautiful afternoon to wander the beach.

I wandered. I wondered. I looked at lots of little shells.
I tried to read this Korean writing, or maybe it’s Japanese. Sorry, I don’t really know.
People made some fabulous sand creations. The Dome of the Rock. It makes us feel like home, Jerusalem.
At sunset, we had a little photo shoot.
My skirt got wet. Yay! Thursday, March 26: Field Trip
Our first stop was Gamla, which means CAMEL! Because this little mountain resembles a camel, my new favorite animal. Don’t worry though, llamas still have a very special place in my heart.
We went on a little hike down the hill to see some more cool ruins. These were from one of the oldest synagogues in Israel or something like that. 
Lauren and I jumped for joy off of some ruins, because ruins bring about great joy in us.
It was another fabulously beautiful day and so good to be in green mountains. I miss green.
There were beautiful wildflowers all over too. I love love love wildflowers. 
I bought this sweet leopard cowboy hat too for 20 sheks/$5 when we were at Gamla. It’s the coolest of cool.

After Gamla, we went to Qazrin, a Talmudic village, where the Talmud (which is part of Jewish holy books) would’ve been worked on way back in the day. I took notes in my sweet little note taking journal.

We saw a bunch of cutesy little Jewish kids there doing fun things.
Then we got back on the bus and went back to Ein Gev for the rest of the beautiful Galilean day.
People were playing on the beach. It was simply marvelous.
Along with the Dome of the Rock, the cool kids made a Sphinx. Maybe we should make sand creations of all the cool places we’ve been too, because we have definitely been some awesome possum places.
That night, we went down to the beach and lit some fun little sparklers and a few firework things. I love Galilee, best field trip ever.

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    it’s korean. LOL. miss you girl.

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