24 May 2009

I saw Shelby today! He was in at church because a lot a lot of people from his town came down to my town for Memorial Weekend. It was sooooo sooo good to see Shelby! I miss that cool kid. I miss all the cool kids.

I still miss Jerusalem so much and think about it everyday. I wish I was still there, but it’s good to be home, it’s just not Jerusalem though.
But home is awesome, I love it. It’s so fun being with the fam everyday and being in Homer, AK, because Homer is absolutely beautiful, and the summers are the best.
I start cleaning boats tomorrow. Good. I’m out of monies.
I have massive blogging to do. I’m not even done with the last few weeks of Jerusalem yet. Then I spent a week in Utah, then I came home to AK for a week and a half, then I left for two weeks and went to Arizona to see my bestest friend Carla and we drove all over California, and now I’m finally home, for the whoooooole long summer.
Woo yeah woo yeah. Yeah woo. Woo woo yeah.


  • Reply Tinger 25 May 2009 at 10:59

    you drove to cali and you saw me. was such nice to see you.

  • Reply Lauren 26 May 2009 at 20:36

    Chels! i miss you girl!

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