Brazil, Lower 48

Temporary Transfer to Pittsburgh, PA

7 December 2010

Ola ola ola!!! And Feliz Natal!!! I am so happy it’s Christmas time!
Sooooo my time here in Provo at the MTC is drawing to an end. I leave here on Wednesday, but not to Brazil. No visa yet unfortunately. So we all got reassigned and received those new calls yesterday! So exciting! Out of the 12 missionaries in my district, 7 are going to California, 2 to Montana, 1 to Texas, and my companion is going to Colorado. Guess where I’m going…… PENNSYLVANIA PITTSBURGH!!!
    When they read it I was so surpised and a bit sad that I’m on the complete opposite side of the country as all of my district. But I am so so excited for Pennsylvania! To experience it, to love it, to learn and teach. So much good ahead! And I know that’s where I’m needed! The Lord needs me there and I am so excited and can’t believe I’m going to Pennsylvania! I’m just get more excited every day, but anxious and a bit nervous too. But I’m pretty sure I’m prepared hopefully! :D
    And Woo hoo Pennsylvania is right next to New Jersery, where my brother is! Ah I love everything!
    And I have zero idea how long I’ll be in PA for. Who knows when I’ll get a visa! No idea! But again, it’s all in the Lord’s hands.
    While I’m excited for the field, I’m a bit sad to leave the MTC because I’ve had the most wonderful experience here. I’ve heard from apostles glaore and multiple general authorities. It’s fantastic. And I have sesriously had the greatest district in the world. I love my companion and our ten elders so so much! So blessed. I’ll be crying saying goodbye to them, but most fortunately my favorite elder is in my mission in Brazil! :D
I’ve learned so much here. I love all of the study time and being immersed in the scriptures. I’ve learned so much about faith too. As missionaries, we’re are inviting people unto Christ and helping them develop faith in Christ. Faith is a principle of action. There is a big difference between having faith in Christ and being faithful to Christ. We need so much more than just a knowledge of him an of what he has done for us. Because the devils know that. The devils know that Christ is the Son of God and that he has atoned for all of our sins. We need this knowledge and we need to have that knowledge lead to action, by following Christ. Learning of him by studying his words and keeping his commandments as well as living a life of service.
     I’m so excited for Pennsylvania. But will definitely be sad saying goodbye to all the wonderful people and things and spirit ehre at the MTC. But I know there is soooo much more good ahead. Can’t wait to experience these next 14 months!
      Thank you/obrigada to you all for the wonderful letters and packages of fun and love and goodness! I miss you all very much and think and pray for you often! Thank you for being wonderful!
PS I LOVE  PORTUGUESE AND BRAZIL and am so excited to serve a mission there (and in Pennsylvania)!!!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Remember the reason for the season amigos!

Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mission
2589 Washinton Rd Ste 410
Pittsburgh, PA 15241

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