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23 January 2011


Brasil Photos!!!

23 January 2011

My first transfer in the field is done! Crazy! I was in Pennsylvania for two glorious weeks and I’ve been melting in Brasil the past 4 fantastico weeks. I loooove this place and am excited for next transfer! One of my companions is done with her 18 months and is headed home. Craaaazy. But the other one and I are thank goodness stayign here in this area! Sister Morales and I in Jardim da Penha again! I am soooo happy that we are both staying, because we’ve got some elect peopel to baptize!
We are teaching some really wonderful people now and making such good friendships. I looooove these people and am sooo happy I am not getting transferred! I love these people here and this ward and especially those we’re teaching. It’s so incredible. It’s so wodnerful to find those people that have a desire to listen, learn, and come unto Christ. It is so rewarding. I am so happy to be here.
Oh and there is some massive flooding going on but it is south of me in a different state. But still keep those people in your prayers. I’m pretty much completely good and safe here. Doing fantastically of course! Just learning so so much.
And today I ate the cutest little baby banana. It was the best! The fruit here is sooooo good. I love it! And the beans… yum yum yum. It’s kind fo sad when we go to a member’s house for lunch adn there is no beans. We need that rice and beans every day! :) We need that energy to walk miles and mile in the 90+ degree weather with like 1000% humidity. It’s killer. But it’s so nice when you get home at night after a long hard day of work. It’s so much more rewarding to sleep! :)
I’m just excited for this next transfer that starts tomorrow, sad to see my companion Sister Olsen go though, but there’s always good things ahead. Hope life is grand for your all and that you’re doing lots of good things! :D
Peace out for now. Até mais!

PS I bought some TOUCAN earrings!