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March 2011


3 Months

22 March 2011

I’ve been in Brasil 3 months today!
I’ve eaten lots and lots rice and beans, too much cake and ice cream, lots of popsicles, açaí bowls, pão minuto, not enough peanut butter, and the best fruits in the world. 
I’ve drank lots and lots of water and sweated lots and lots of water out. 
I’ve learned quite a bit of portugûes.
I’ve met some of the best people in the world.
I’ve taught about 300 lessons, done about 2500 contacts, and… finally had a baptism! 

I love this. And good news… we have another baptism next week! Good things to come.


Ola familia e amigos!!!

17 March 2011
Olá família e amigos!
Tomorrow is my birthday hip hip hooray! Birthdays are the best! And
tomorrow is going ot be soooo good because we’re having a sisters
training for the seven sisters in our mission with President and Sister
Pickett! Yay! We need more sisters. The world needs more sister
The work here is improving, thank goodness. :) It’s been kind of
slow mo for a while, but we have a baptism on the 20th adn another on
the 26th! So yay we’re sooo soo excited and it is so wonderful to see
the fruits of your labors. We’re still knocking ltos of doors and
talking to people everywhere we go looking for those elect. What we
really need to focus more on is getting referrals from the members,
because that’s where the gold is at. :)
Sister Morales and I are having an excelletn time, cracking up all
day long, testifying lots and lots, walkign in the hot hot sun, and the
wet wet rain. It’s like rainy time now (thank goodness) so it’s less
hot, but sooo sooo wet. Fun stuff.
Missionary life is great. I’m loving it a lot. Happy day to you all!
Sister Owens

Born Dia!

13 March 2011

Bom dia! 
It`s carnaval time here in Brasil! Last week there was some giant street party and strangely dressed people and loud music and things, but week it is just deadsville. Here in Vitoria everyone leaves for Carnaval and there is like no one around. So it`s pretty uneventful. 
And good news, the work here for Sister Morales and I is imporving! We`re finding some fantastico people who I really love a lot a lot, and we should be having two batismos this month! Finally! :) So hooray! Exciting things ahead, always!
Something else exciting.. General Conference is soon! Yay! And yesterday was my 5 month mark. Crazy daisy.
And more good news, it`s cooled down a little bit, just a little bit. And it`s been raining. Thank goodness. Such a nice break. It`s always so hot all day every day. :)
Things are cool to the max here. I loooove Brasil and this area and my dear companion and this ward and this food and these people. Although I really really miss peanut butter and cookies.
My favorite moment of the week was Sunday morning when one of our investigators was awake and all ready for church and we didn`t have to wake them up or anything! Her name is Alderina and she is so funny and fantastic and it was like the best moment ever when she came out all ready for church! 
Missions are the best!
Com amor, Sister Owens


Happy Day!

6 March 2011

Transfers are tomorrow and gooood news! My wonderful companion and I are staying here together another transfer! I love this area and love this ward and am excited about the people we are teaching!
Missions are the best. I’m learning so much.
And I’m almost at my 5 month mark! Which is almost 6 months. Which is like a third of my mission. omg I can’t believe it. Yes, I just wrote omg. :)
Pretty much still loving all of this! Have a happy day! Say your prayers. :)