Born Dia!

13 March 2011

Bom dia! 
It`s carnaval time here in Brasil! Last week there was some giant street party and strangely dressed people and loud music and things, but week it is just deadsville. Here in Vitoria everyone leaves for Carnaval and there is like no one around. So it`s pretty uneventful. 
And good news, the work here for Sister Morales and I is imporving! We`re finding some fantastico people who I really love a lot a lot, and we should be having two batismos this month! Finally! :) So hooray! Exciting things ahead, always!
Something else exciting.. General Conference is soon! Yay! And yesterday was my 5 month mark. Crazy daisy.
And more good news, it`s cooled down a little bit, just a little bit. And it`s been raining. Thank goodness. Such a nice break. It`s always so hot all day every day. :)
Things are cool to the max here. I loooove Brasil and this area and my dear companion and this ward and this food and these people. Although I really really miss peanut butter and cookies.
My favorite moment of the week was Sunday morning when one of our investigators was awake and all ready for church and we didn`t have to wake them up or anything! Her name is Alderina and she is so funny and fantastic and it was like the best moment ever when she came out all ready for church! 
Missions are the best!
Com amor, Sister Owens

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