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25 May 2011

Brazil, Favorites


25 May 2011
Alegria. The mission is like the best thing since sliced bread. Oh it’s seriously just so so good and I love it more every single day. I can’t imagine my life without this and without all these peeps and my dear companions and everything. 

This lovely week was a little on the crazy side. The night before transfers, we had a glorious AÇAÍ fest with a bunch of members and recent converts. Oh it was so good. I could eat açaí every day.

Then transfers… said goodbye to my dear Sister Barbosa who finished her mission, but now I have two lovely companions! Sister Dias (who I lived with this last transfer) and Sister Michelotto (who is brand new in the field)! So now I’m doing some wonderful training of my new dearest companions. It is so so good. 
I’ve got a bit more responsibility now, making sure everything with everything is all good, and it is fantastic. And the work here in Aracruz is going so good. We’ll have SEVEN baptisms in this ward for the month of may. Holy success. It’s the sister power that we’ve got going on here. And it’s also helpful that we’re always laughing all day long. Oh it’s so good.

And more good news…It’s getting colder here! Hallelujah!!! I get cold at night and have to use a blanket now. And sometimes during the day I take a sweater with me. It is so heavenly not sweating all day long. Oh blessed cold.

And… casamentos!!! We had a wedding this week of our investigators and now they’re living the law of chastity and then they got baptized. Woo hoo! So good. We’re having another glorious baptism this saturday. Hooray for fruits of your labors!

Well this week we were just like running around like chickens with our heads cut off, so so much to do. But it is so good this way.

Transfers were so good, I got to see my dearest eleita Alderina, and lots of missionaries and Gabi too! So good! And I got a bundle of letters. MUITO orbigada to the dearest Cottams, Sandrinha, Gabi, Lilly, Grandad and Grandma, Sister Friden, Sister Deagostini, and Elder Buttars (who finally got his visa and is now in Brasil)!!!
Love you all!!!