Happy Mothers Day!

11 May 2011

Dearest Peeps,
I love skype. Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I got to skype with the fam and it was so so good! Oh families are the best. Thank goodness we can be together forever!
I’m just so so grateful for so many things. Yesterday we had a nice little angel old man in our path who gave us a ride to church. Que bênção! Sundays sometimes are coo coo for cocoa puffs. Sister Barbosa and I left our house yesterday morning, walked 45 minutes to get some peeps to walk to church with us, and everyone was sleeping or ran away or was just too lazy and no one was coming with us. So after waiting and trying to get them to come to church with us, we just decided to leave and walk to church because we were already 10 minutes late and had to go another 30 minutes to walk to church.
So… enter angel man. Elizio is a nice little old man the always wears a cowboy hat. We taught him once, but he just likes to talk a lot. We saw him on the street the other day and he gave us some yummy candy. Sunday morning, he drives by in his little white car and asks if we want a ride to church. Tempting, but since it was just us two sisters, kind of against mission rules, so we said no. He said if we change our minds, the offer is still open.
So we continue walking in the nice hot morning sun, and run into our recent converts, who also didn’t have a ride to church! So… we go back and ask Senhor Elizio for a ride to church and and hoooray! All is well and we were only 15 minutes late for church. Oh I just love the people the Lord puts in our paths.
We had zone conference this week and it was fantastico!!! SO good to see the other sisters and elders and the Picketts. Oh it was so so sooooo good. And I got to go back to Jardim da Penha for the day and saw some lovely Soneghets and it was soooo good!
The mission is so wonderful. Just learning so much and life is full of blessings every single day!!
Com amor, Sister Owens


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