Baptism and Confirmation!

5 June 2011

The mission is the best and my companions Sister Dias and Sister Michelotto are so fantastico! We’re just laughing all day long in our search for the elect.

The work is going pretty good here. Aracruz is lovely and the members here are so so good. My companions are pretty brand new on the mission and I just love them lots and lots. I’ doing pretty good staying focused these days too. You just have to work.
I love Brasil, especially during winter. Oh hallelujah it’s not so wicked hot. Hallelujah.
This week we got a new stove and a tanquinho! Woo hoo! Less handwahsing clothes and more cookie making now! Yay! A tanquinho is joke though. It just fills with water and swishes your clothes around. Tis almost better to just hand wash. Oh blessed washing machines and dryers.
We had another baptism and confirmation. Fernanda, she’s so wonderful. And she’s gonna serve a mission in three years. Woo hoo! I looove this place and this life. Definitely has its difficulties, but life is so much easier with the gospel.
Com muito amor por todos de vocês, Sister Owens
PS. my dear companion, who has only been in the field for two weeks, fell down the stairs the other day, lots and lots of stairs. Why is it always so funny when people fall? I’ve never laughed so much in my life.

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