Olá e opá de Aracruz

28 June 2011

Olá e opá de Aracruz, Espírito Santo!
This week I’m learning lots of things like how you feel so much better when you do the right things!
Found some cool new peeps to teach this week and remember Edimilson, the hippy we taught who is livign at the bus station? Well the circus is in town and he’s working at the circus now. :)
Our dear President and Sister Pickett only have two more weeks here. They will be missed so so vrey much. We have transfers on the 21st and there’s probably gonna be some changes. New compnaions or new area or something. You never know. But I do not want to pack my bags! And I love this place and my comps and the peeps we’re teaching.
PS I finally saw elder Buttars yesterday (from the mtc)!!! It was so so happy and he brought me two jars of peanut butter! Que felicidade e amor!
This is soooo good.
happy week to you all!!!

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