13 July 2011
Woo hoo 9 meses! Weird that I’m way done with this jolly goodness. 

Twas a good week. Met some lovely people. Taught some marvelous things. And had a baptism of an incredible family! 

The parents haven’t gotten baptized yet, since they’re just living together and not married, but the 4 kids got baptized and it was grandioso! Peeps here don’t get married very often. They just live together and call each other husband and wife. :) It’s like a lot of paper work and costs monies to get married, so lots of people just don’t get married. But casamento/marriage, what a wonderful thing! 

Well… before the baptism on Thursday, Sister Michelotto may or may not have fallen into the baptismal font. :) She also fell down the stairs of our house again. She’s crazy and you just can’t help but love her.

I love working with Sister do Prado. I’m learning so much. And it is so good living with Sister Dias and Sister Michelotto. It’s all just so good. And the Lord is blessing us so so much. My goodness I’ve never been so blessed in my life, and with so many wonderful people in my life, including all of you! 

Muito obrigada for all the mail and thoughts and prayers and love. Muchly appreciated. 
Scripture for the day for you all, Luke 1:37. Nada é imposivel com o Senhor! 

Eu amo Missão Brasil Vitória: Melhor Missão do Mundo.
Amo vocês! Boa semana! 

Sister Owens

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