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8 September 2011


11 Months!!!

8 September 2011

Boa tarde!

A lovely quote that my dear sister sent me…
“what if you woke up today, with only the things, that you thanked God for yesterday?”
Amém. :)

Another week goes by. Weird how time is. I’ve got 11 months on the mission tomorrow. Estranho.
Well no time to say much, but just look at the pictures and see what I’m up to. Oh hallelujah for fotos.

Had some very lovely festas this week with some very lovely people. Transfers are in 2 weeks and seeing as how I already have 5 months here in Aracruz, it might be my last two weeks with these blessed souls.

Had some marvelous FHEs this week. I made brownies and cookies and it was pretty heavenly. 
My toe is doing great. :) The nail will soon be growing back I hope.
I ate some little fishies this week! They were delicious! It had been so long without fishies! Yum.
It’s getting hotter here. Eca. I’m not a very big fan of heat. I miss snow. But I make a sufficient amount of paper snowflakes so it’s all good.

Have a lovely week full of inspirations!

-Sister Owens