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24 October 2011


Saved a pigeon

24 October 2011

Twas a rainy week, hallelujah that it’s not too incredible hot. 
Sunday morning we got up nice and early to go fetch some souls to go to church with us. We got up extra early too because the time changed. And we left nice and tired, trekking in the rain, and no one went to church with us. Poo. I don’t like walking to church in the rain when nobody comes with us. But them when we finally arrived at church nice and late, our lovely Maria Teresa was there! 
I love when people live the gospel on their own and do the right things because they want too. Que alegria!
And then my dear Gabi showed up at church too! Alegria de novo! 

We have interviews with our dear Presidente this week and zone conference too. Shall be marvelous and much needed. 

And good news! I just saved a bundle on car insurance by switching to geico! Okay, not really, the closest I get to driving a car down here is just getting run over by one, which has not happened yet because of some little angels I think. hehehe :)
Oh but the real good news… we helped save a broken pigeon yesterday from drowning in the sewer river. Always oppurtunities to do good deeds! You just have to look for them! 
Com amor, Sister Owens

P.S. I making lots of snow flakes these days. I could really go for a snow storm.