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22 February 2012


Happy quase February!

22 February 2012

“God does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through
another person that he meets our needs. Therefore, it is vital that we
serve each other.”
 -President Spencer W. Kimball

Happy quase February!
I love Quissamã and am a happy girl because we have a ward mission
leader now, to help us in this grande obra! Woo hoo, my goodness we
were needing a bit of help. The members here help us a lot and lot and
we are teaching lots of lovely souls.
But it is still sooooo difficult to get them to church.

But woo hoo Raimundo was at church for the second time this week and
he’s getting baptized on saturday. He is soooo goood. He has an
appliance repair shop on the street of the church and one day we just
started talking with him and then another day we went back and taught
him and he is excellentíssimo! And he has been searching for the truth
and investigating lots of churches and beliefs. And through reading
the Book of Mormon, he has a nice good solid testimony and said that
this is the last door he’ll be knocking, searching for the truth.

What else… we had a zone meeting and thank you Cottams and grandma
and Hayley and Lilly for my letters. I love mail. Have I mentioned

We’re working with some wonderful less active members here, who have
such strong testimonies. One of these members has a chubby little old
dog named Suzie. And he made us a super fantastic lunch the other day,
vegetarian friendly too! Hallelujah!

And another woo hoo, we’re making cookies today! And we’re going to
have an activity with the young women and make cookies too. Yay

Lots to do here in Quissamã and it is so goooooooood. It’s been like
100+ degrees but for some good reason, I’m still alive. Tis good to be

By the way, Jayme, another ol’ fellow we were teaching, started
singing “500 Miles” by Peter, Paul, and Mary. PPM, so classic. Oh I
love these peeps here. Time is passing rapido!

Love you all. I’ll try and send some Rio sunshine, and por favor send
some cool weather here down under. TTFN! :D