26 November 2013

I woke up at 6 something this morning. I love waking up early, before everyone else.  I come downstairs and open the door and the chickens all come running to get their morning snacks. I love that. Well this morning when I woke up I decided to not get up and run, and to just lay in bed on my phone for an hour. Not the best decision. It never is. But for some reason, I still make that decision and always wish I didn’t. Still working through that. :)
It’s so great when I wake up and say my prayers and exercise and my mornings are so great that way. Not sure why that lazy bone takes over and pushes me back into bed in the mornings.

Buuuuut it will still be a lovely day. I came downstairs about 8, opened the door, and the chickens came running. So they got their daily dose of tortilla chips. :) They’re so eager and precious.

My oceanography class starts soon. I need to do my homeworks for it now. I haven’t been frequenting blog land very much lately. I’d like to more.

I’m so happy Christopher boy is here. We took our engagement pictures. I’ll be sharing some soon. They’re great great.

I don’t feel like going to class, hmmm…I’m not super motivated for school these days. Lots of other life stuff going on.

I’m eating fresh pineapple right now. Yum. Chris loves fresh pineapple.

My dear roommate Taylor is home with us from California and it’s great to have her back. Chris and Taylor girl and I went and saw Catching Fire last night. Great time. Great peeps.

It’s also my first ever roomie’s (Lilly from Fiji) birthday today. Yay! I love birthdays. A lot.
Hmmm… that is all for now. Cheers. :):)

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