Two of my favorite things about life in Laie

4 November 2013

1. The sunrises.
Since I’ve been here the last two months, my body has gotten into the habit of conveniently waking my up around 6:30 am. That has made for some very beautiful moments and good feelings.
This beachfront view is maybe a minute long walk from my back door. Dreamy. I just wake up, walk across the lawn, and take a run or a seat in the sand. :)

2. The chickens. And the kittens!
I’ve made it my personal goal to befriend these kittens. How surprised and happy was I when I was feeding the chickens and they finally came over! We have ten chickens and one rooster here. By feeding them lots of leftovers and stale food, we have become quite good friends. One of the black ones is even so bold as to step inside the house for parcels of food. :)
The kittens however are not quite as courageous. But fortunately I’ve been able to start feeding them too. They are soooo cute. I love Hawaii’s wildlife.

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