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23 January 2014


Surfin’ Tay

23 January 2014

Hawaii life is pretty great for us.

So many really great things and people and beauty all around.
We went surfing a couple times with our dearest Taylor girl. It was lovely.
Christopher and I haven’t done too much surfing and it’s grand to catch waves.
We love Taylor girl lots. So glad I got to live with her for a couple of great semesters. 
She’s a pretty cool beans surfer and went out surfing in the deep blue sea (aka our backyard) the other day in some big waves.

I’m sitting here in our little beach front studio, and the waves are huge today.
There’s a pretty big swell and lots of wind. Crazy wind today.
So I’m just sharing these pictures from last week when Taylor girl came surfing in front of our house. She just lives right down the beach. Life is great here. Lots of loveliness to focus on.