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July 2014


10:38 pm

29 July 2014

Chris is at Osh Kosh, in Wisconsin. Boy do I miss him. He left last night and I can’t wait for him to get home in a week and a half. I love my boy. 


Man time.

26 July 2014

We’ve had some great guests this past week. Chris’s brother, friend, and cousin have been here visiting and the four of them have been manning it up all week. 

Lots of hiking and camping and fishing and boating and eating and running and being kinda smelly. :) 
I unfortunately wasn’t able to participate too much in the activities of the week, except for the eating part. But it’s been great for the for of these guys to be together in the great land of Alaska. 


Poetry of a seven year old

25 July 2014

I found these the other day. 

So funny. 
I found lots of other great poems I had written too. :)
There is one for each of my family members. It’s funny to see what I thought of and the words I chose to describe my dear beloved family. 
Notice my perception of self was pretty spot on haha. 


More salmons and lotsa wildlife!

24 July 2014

I’m so grateful for the salmon we’ve been getting. Hopefully we’ll get some halibut soon too. I prefer halibut to salmons. 
Today was great. We’ve seen so much wildlife lately. Today (from pretty far away) we saw a mama bear and a new cub and like a yearling, all together! So cute! Bears are pretty rare to see and we saw a black bear on Monday and three today!
Also, we saw a bunch of seals, and the girls were trying to catch jelly fish/jellies, and of course we saw plenty of sea birds (even gray fluffy babies!) with a stop at gill island. And when we got back to the harbor, there was a seal kicking back on the docks, which is fairly rare. Oh yes, I always see sea otters in the harbor too. There’s lots here in kachemak bay. I love my home. And I saw three moose today, one was a cute baby! I love seeing moose. 
There’s lots of wildlife here in AK, and Homer, and it’s always so exciting to see. I never tire to see a moose, or otters… These living creatures are all just great and fascinating. Eagles don’t impress me too much anymore, because they’re just all over here, but they’re pretty amazing strong birds. 
On the beach the other day we saw one catch a fish out of the water with its large talons! :)
I’m really grateful for this beautiful earth and the magnificent creations. Don’t even get me started on all the great plants! :)



22 July 2014

We got ourselves about 80-90 lbs of salmon filets yesterday! It’s so great to have delicious, healthy fresh fish all year round. 

Last night we ate salmon kabobs at my sister’s, and it was such a good meal. I love eating with the fam. And I love being home in Homer. 
Fishing was unexpectedly good. It’s sad killing all the fish with a rock or stick after you take them out of the water, and then you have to pull their gills too to bleed them. Holly and I made sure to thank the fish and tell them sorry too. But we sure are grateful to have them in our freezer! 
I really like participating a lot in the obtaining and creating of my food. I need to garden next year too! I don’t know much about gardening, but how great would it be to be able to sustain ourselves a little better. 
Btw, we saw a little black bear on the shore in the rocks on our way home from fishing! He had a salmon too!