22 July 2014

We got ourselves about 80-90 lbs of salmon filets yesterday! It’s so great to have delicious, healthy fresh fish all year round. 

Last night we ate salmon kabobs at my sister’s, and it was such a good meal. I love eating with the fam. And I love being home in Homer. 
Fishing was unexpectedly good. It’s sad killing all the fish with a rock or stick after you take them out of the water, and then you have to pull their gills too to bleed them. Holly and I made sure to thank the fish and tell them sorry too. But we sure are grateful to have them in our freezer! 
I really like participating a lot in the obtaining and creating of my food. I need to garden next year too! I don’t know much about gardening, but how great would it be to be able to sustain ourselves a little better. 
Btw, we saw a little black bear on the shore in the rocks on our way home from fishing! He had a salmon too!

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