11 August 2014
Chris just finished going through the 6000 pictures we took for trek two months ago! Hallelujah. We watched the old extreme makeover: home edition and he just rallied through them (and I fell asleep). There are so many great fotos!
One of my boat captains came to church today, which was so wonderful. I loved it and it made me really happy to see his desire to learn and feel the spirit. He took the day off from fishing just to see what church was like. He doesn’t really ever take days off, even when it’s windy windy windy. So it was special and wonderful that he felt inspired to be there today. And the meeting and classes were full of God’s love. 
Then me and my sisters and nieces and nephew and husband boy all spent Sunday afternoon at my Dad’s house. It was so nice. And so beautiful outside. The fireweed is so magical right now!
The girls and I played bunnies on the trampoline. I love them so much. I love playing with them. And that little Brady is delicious and chubby!
Also… I didn’t clean boats today!!! Heavenly. Feeling good. And sleepy. Our fluffy kitty is right here next to us purring away, and the shedding puppy Edel is on the floor intently watching her. It’s raining outside right now, and it sounds perfect. 
Telling Holly not to use zoom on the iPhone haha. Just take a step forward sister. 


  • Reply Stefanie Hathaway 11 August 2014 at 19:58

    wow, homer is really really beautiful! What a good day!

  • Reply seaglassmama 13 August 2014 at 19:23

    I miss the fireweed. Thanks for the glorious photos. And so fun to see chubby Brady! Kirstin

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