See you in three weeks, Alaska 

26 November 2015

I left my Alaskan home in Monday, and got on a few airplanes until I made it to Salt Lake City. How amazing they we can get on an airplane and be almost anywhere we need within a number of hours.

Our friend is taking good care of our animals and home and we are ever so grateful. It’s not an easy job and it’s so so helpful to us. Thank you Emily! When I left, I was a bit sad to leave the animals, and my family members too, but we’ll be home in a few weeks, just in time for the local nutcracker!

My plane ride was great. I slept, listened to good música, and read a super great general conference talk for 1996.

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  • Reply alyssa stevenson 7 December 2015 at 12:07

    heyyyy!! it makes me happy you posted again and traveling too!!! I hope you are still having a good time away from home and some family. Its good you are visiting other family and keeping in touch with them too. Lots of people love you and i bet they are stocked to get you, I can’t wait to hear about the “local nutcracker,” just saying….

    i saw JOKE on the beach yesterday after church. It was pretty great and we talked for a few minutes. I asked him where his wife was and he said “SHES GONE” and threw his hands in the air… i was so sad and didn’t know what to say and then he was like… “she is helping her mother,” I thought she was dead. It was pretty funny and he got me so good.

    okay okay, love you.

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