Christmas break has begun!

18 December 2015

Since we got home from our Utah, Nevada, California three week long trip, I’ve pretty much been subbing day after day. This is good. But I’ve missed being able to get up and do what I want! Instead of sleepily getting out of bed and getting ready for school.  Well, today is the first day of Christmas break! I’m celebrating by laying in bed. :) Now I need to celebrate by getting up and taking edelweiss and the cats for a walk, by listening to Christmas music, by making Christmas presents, and cleaning our house.

Happy aloha Friday!

Also, a shout out to Piper for helping take the ornaments down. ;)

Also! I just saw this funny article and illustrations.  True love. Approaching two years of marriage and this article is very relatable! Especially, “this shirt doesn’t fit you anymore. Can it be my pajamas?” Haha. I love Chris.

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