Four Calling Birds

28 December 2015

The Fourth Day of Christmas

The four calling birds are the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The word gospel means good news.  Chris got an xbox 1 headset today! He bought it for himself today and uses it for talking with his little bro while they play Star Wars Battlefront together. I claimed it as his gift of the 4th day of Christmas though. :)

So, my Monday… I woke up and did a half hour of yoga and that is excellent! I love when I do yoga and hope to do it more! It’s still raining around here, so everything is very icy and kind of slushy. I took Edelweiss on a great walk, and enjoyed my time in nature. She sho did too! When I came home, Chris had finished working out, showered, and was ready to head to the office.

I spent some time in front of the heater this morning, as per usual, some time on the computer looking stuff up, some time eating last night’s delightful stirfry, and some time eating a bunch of lindt chocolate. Then I felt like a ding dong face for having eaten too much chocolate, so I read a bunch of stuff about how sugar is bad for our bodies and minds. I want to eat much less sugar and I’d like to improve my relationship with food and become more involved with its growing. Soon enough. I guess I could start with an herb garden! I’ve never grown much before, but I’d love if Chris and I had a huge greenhouse. The governments grants high tunnel greenhouses to people with a few requirements, like using them . So I want that. And I want chickens and our own eggs. I LOVE BABY CHICKS. And I want babies.

This afternoon I sent out a Christmas box to my sister in law Angie, did some grocery shopping, and some stuff to prepare for the New Year’s Eve party at church. Sometimes I put off doing errands, but I was pretty on top of it today. I like that! Oh! And I went to the bookstore and got a super journal and the best pen ever for my new passion planner. It’s a six color gel pen, how perfect. I got the q&a journal, which I’ve been wanting for five years or so. And it’s a five years journal, which is such a great idea. And I got my next cute journal and a present for Chris. I LOVE journals.

I’m tired. It’s 3:30 in the morning. Not sure why I’m up hehe.

This evening some of us church friends got together and had a feast at the Wolfe’s home. It was wonderful to be in everyone’s company and to eat the tasty halibut casserole.

Chris and I each got home about 8, and then he played hours of xbox while I explored spotify and rekindled my relationship with music. I haven’t listened to much music the past couple years, but now that I have a spotify account, that’ll change! Chris got me a spotify subscription for Christmas. I’m going to go get in bed with him now and squeeze him tight.

Oh, I made cookies tonight and a jar with ingredients to send to my home girl, Carla. She’ll just have to add butter/coconut oil, vanilla, and an egg! Easy peasy! I wrote some missionary letters tonight too, which is always so so so good. One of my bffs is in the Philippines on her mission for another year. Chris and I want and plan to be at the airport when she gets home in a year.

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  • Reply Alyssa stevenson 29 December 2015 at 17:38

    Hey so much good stuff in these. That’s funny about Chris and Xbox. I’m glad he got head phones too. I dated a guy super into Xbox and he had friends and a whole little Xbox idenity and swore all the time at people he was playing against.

    I’m sure Chris isn’t like that…. But Xbox is funny to me.

    That’s preset cool about planning to meet for Taylor at airport. She is so good. I love missionaries.

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