Seven Swans A Swimming

31 December 2015

The Seventh Day of Christmas

Seven swans a-swimming represent the sevenfold gifts of the Holy Spirit – wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord. Isaiah 11:2-3

 I haven’t spent much time on the beach recently, and that needs to change. For me, the beach is a place of renewal. I go to the beach seeking peace and I find it. Maybe I find it because I’m seeking it and not just because of the place, but there’s something special about the water meeting the earth.

Chris and I live less than a ten minute walk from the beach. Jeepers, ten minutes, why am I not there right now?! Edelweiss loves the beach too, but she loves anywhere outside. In her few years, she’s gotten a couple wild hairs and has attacked a few dogs, which is really frustrating and makes me wriggle inside, so we have to be careful when we take her around other dogs incase she’s unpredictable. She’s usually really great and we love her, but that makes me hesitant to take her to the beach sometimes. And I think I feel guilty if I go to the beach without her haha, so maybe that’s why I haven’t gone. Anyway, no excuses, I’ll be going to the beach more! It was so nice. And I just went without planning, and I didn’t have my gloves or hat, and I was chilly, but it was perfect

I did my last visiting teaching visit today (HOORAY! IT WAS SO GOOD AND I FEEL GREAT) and then just got ready for the New Year’s Eve party. The Young Men and Young Women and presidencies are in charge of it, so that’s been keeping us busy. But I think the party turned out great. People seemed happy with the food and the activities. I liked the photo booth and photo props best. :)

Chris’s business mentor turned best friend, Richard, and his daughter Emily, joined us at the party and it was really nice to have them there. We’re grateful for them in our lives, so we can eat together and go to movies together and talk and such. :) Emily also took super great care of our animals while we were gone for Thanksgiving.

Ands here’s our young women presidency! I’m really grateful to be serving with Tara, Jenna, and Rachel. They’re so helpful and dedicated, and they’re all really really wonderful people. I’m better for just knowing them.   

And then… on this New Year’s Eve, Chris had some of the boys over and they played xbox until 7 AM! HELLO AND CHEERS 2015!

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