Right meow, Saturday episode

17 January 2016

Christoher and I are trying to go to sleep right meow. Actually, I just fell asleep and twitched and started having some random, mini dream. That’s normal around here. Our sheets are nice and clean, the cats and Edel are running around the house and disturbing the peace, and husband and I are cuddled up. We can hear the rain outside the open window and the room is cooling off. Christopher likes the window open because it gets toasty warm in here at night. I like being warm, but not too warm. And right now I’m not quite ready to sleep so I thought I’d write quickly. I haven’t been very diligent with my paper journal lately, but doing well blogging. 
We went to my mom’s house tonight and met my sister and nieces there too. We are some ice cream and ended up watching all of Willow. That movie creeped me out when I was little, good to watch it now that I’m an adult person.

While we watched Willow, I got on Instagram and came across the account of a girl I met at BYU Hawaii. I didn’t know the girl very well, but where she’s at now is pretty different from where she used to be. Looking through her pictures inspired me to eat better. She talked about how preparing and sharing food is a special thing, not one to always be rushed through. Sit down and eat; don’t just snack all day. And eat in season and eat lots of whole foods.

She had a rule that her kids could eat anything she did. That’d keep me in check to eat better. I usually really enjoy preparing, sharing and consuming food. I really want to garden and grow our own foods. What a dream. When we got home, I made some Thai curry for the first time ever. It didn’t taste like our favorite Thai food truck in Haleiwa, HI, but it was still good. :)

The past couple days have been refreshingly cool, making some beautiful frost and a little snow! Alaska (or Homer at least) has been oddly warm the past few winters, and we haven’t gotten much snow, plenty of rain though. But we’ll take what we get and enjoy the season we’re in. Cheers!

Also, I just watched this little film and enjoyed it. Today I rise.

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  • Reply Alyssa Stevenson 17 January 2016 at 15:01

    AHHHHHH!!!! You made thai curry afterall!! Looks divine. Send me the recipe– Riley always begs me to make the thai curry like we had with you and Chris pre-marriage i think!!! so funny and long ago.

    But thats cool. I was thinking this morning at 5:30am when i woke up and was studying for my lesson and eating “spicy buffalo wing wheat thins”– I was thinking– you are what you eat.
    I’m spicy wheat thins and you are thai curry..
    makes for a perfect combo.
    glad we are friends
    glad you are journaling and blogging so much,
    love you.

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