A Trip to Anchor Town

7 February 2016

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I wrote that post last night as I was falling asleep. Not sure what most of it means. Typing while sleeping is so hard!

It’s 3 am on Sunday morning. I’ve been house cleaning and organizing the past few hours. I like doing that. Although sleeping would’ve been better so that I’m not a sleepy sloth face tomorrow. Buuuuut that’s okay.

Chris and I spent the past few days in Anchorage. We hadn’t been to the temple or Costco in a while, so we made the trip. We actually hadn’t even been more than 10 miles out of town for two months! Chris did some work related things up there, and we stayed with our good friend Richard. We ate yummy Indian and Mexican food, and experienced some cooler temperatures!

Homer has been so not cold this winter.  We haven’t had much snow and right now, the earth is soggy and brown here. We still see beauty surrounding us, but when I walk through the forest, I can’t help but think of the lone and dreary world haha.

These pictures are from my walk with the animals before we got on the road on Thursday. My mom and also good friend kindly took care of our pets while we were out.

As soon as we made it to anchorage, we went to our friend’s apartment and used the bathroom before we went to dinner. Well… Bad news.

I somehow caused the toilet to overflow… That wasn’t very fun but it was a little funny, and embarrassing of course. Fortunately most of the poo flushed down the toilet instead of overflowing onto the floor, with the exception of a piece of corn. Hahahaha sorry if that’s too much information for you, whoever is reading this. Needless to say, I didn’t poo in the toilet again and held it till I could get to Fred Meyer. Thanks Fred!

While Chris worked, I was going to wander around the thrift stores and find treasures, but I decided to use my time better and I went to the temple. How lovely. And I went to a thrift store later, so perfecto. The temple is always a good place to go.  Our Anchorage temple has very limited hours and work, and instead of doing initiatories I did sealings. I hadn’t participated in those in quite a while, and I’d never seen a sealing where more than one child was sealed to their parents, so that was new. I got to be sealed as a proxy daughter many many times and it was so special. There were a good bunch of souls in the room. I love temple work.

We also went a visited some family friends and their precious, premie baby at the hospital. I’m very glad we got to go and I hope we were a joyful visit to them. We’re blessed we got to go and meet the little baby.

Well, I’m sleepy. Chris and I made it home from anchorage. First we went to the temple together and I got to listen to the session in Portuguese! Very special. I love Portuguese. After the temple, I went to my favorite value village and found some treasures. Our drive home had plenty of really beautiful snow!

 It’s always nice to get home! We and the animals were happy to reunite. :) There’s still a lot from our Costco load to put away, which I’m grateful for. Sleepy. Oh! I went on a run tonight! It was nice and starry and only a few cars drove by where I was running. I don’t like when cars drive by as I run so that was good. :) I haven’t gone on a run in months. Anywho, we’re having a super bowl gathering tomorrow after church. Okay, time for bed!


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