Pacific Coast wanderings

1 March 2016

It’s time for a trip! I’ll be in Seattle for a few days with Carlita, Portland for one day to go to a wedding of a Brazilian girl from my mission, and then Ojai, CA for a week to play with my sister and nephew and fam. 

It is splendid to be home, but it’s nice to leave every now and again too. I traveled without Christopher in a long time, and I’ll miss him lots and lots, but I’ll still have a peachy time. It is so lovely to have him around though. 


Carla just flew in from travels to Australia and New Zealand, and my $103 flight got there just 15 minutes before hers. Perfecto. 


I drove up to Anchorage all by myself, listening to a couple good CD mixes on the way. When I got there I gave the truck brother Jake and I got to meet his lovely girlfriend! They seem happy and in love and that makes me happy. Great to spend a little time with them.    

Driving away from our home sweet home! I love our home and life. 

My flight had so many empty seats. There was a guy in my row though, and we chatted for most of the flight. It was nice to talk with a human and not stare at a screen. At one point I was talking about the movie Alive, where the rugby team crashes in the Andes mountains and they have to eat their dead to survive for two months or something. Then when I looked out the window and saw endless snowy mountains below us, I figured it might be best to change the subject. 

We talked about family and religion. And we shared some of our faith with each other. It was great. 

Chris sent me this picture before he went to sleep, along with a bunch of funny, poorly taken selfies, and it cracked me up. I love our funny pets.   


  • Reply alyssa 14 March 2016 at 09:41

    wanna hear something funny?
    ok, so yesterday me and riley were doing to hauula hoop hike, its short and great.
    i was sitting on the edge of the car putting on my tennis shoes and a white cat came over to play with my sock. it was funny and cute….. THEN… this car drove by, and saw us, and then it stopped and rolled down his window and said: “are you taking your cat for a walk!” and i said “no, its not ours” but in my head i was like…. “cats dont go on hikes with you, unless they are Chelsea’s cats and they nurse too”
    it was a funny thing.
    that creepy cat picture that chris took reminded me of that.
    hope your travelings and time with carla girl was great.
    love you long time :)))

  • Reply Stefanie Hathaway 14 March 2016 at 19:48

    Sounds like a great tip! I had fun watching your posts on ista as you went along! xo!

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