1 May 2016

I got a hankering to make and eat lasagna yesterday, so I made it happen.

I spent probably an hour yesterday looking at different recipes, trying to figure out the healthiest and most delicious combo. And then I spent like three hours making everything and went to bed very sleepy!

The red sauce was really tasty, and the cheese/kale mixture too. I used brown rice lasagna noodles so my gluten free niece could have some. But she’s dairy free too, so I made her some cashew cheese for hers. It was pretty tasty!

But it took a ton of work. And it was all worth it. I put it in the oven as soon as I got home from church and a half hour later, the lasagna was making the house smell tasty tasty!

This is no fancy blog food photography, but our family meal after church was delightful. My mom and sister brought veggies and a salad and we had a pretty peachy time together.

So glad we have family close by. And it’s so nice to share food together.

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