High in the Sky

3 September 2016

One of my childhood BFFs, Jane, is back in town with her husband, Jeff, sooooo we went flying with them! It’s so nice that flying around has become accessible to Chris, thanks to the fairly affordable airplane he found to rent. Flying isn’t an inexpensive endeavor, but it keeps husband excited and motivated. And duh, the sights are beautiful, especially around here!

Chris and I have flown around Kachemak Bay and over a couple certain glaciers multiple times, but on the weather was so great on Friday that we explored new territory. It was so neato and beautiful. Being up in the air gives quite a different perspective.

I love our bay and our mountains and our glaciers and our ocean and our land and our life. I think it’s okay to call it “ours,” as long as we help take good care of it. But really, it’s all part of God’s magical creations for us, and I’m happy we can enjoy it all.

DSC02658-2 DSC02671

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  • Reply Alyssa Stevenson 31 October 2016 at 18:51

    Officially on my bucket list.
    SO dang pretty.
    God is pretty dang good.
    Fly over to tokyo will ya.

    so cool Chris can fly and has that skill and stuff.
    wow. cant wait to visit soon.
    happy baby making.
    happy halloween.

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