Day 33 with the best boy

23 December 2016

I am so tired! I just have some extra sleep debt from the past couple nights, so I guess I’m blogging instead of sleeping right meow…..
Chris hasn’t been around the past few days at all. He’s been up in Anchorage, so the little cherub and I have been on our own. We’ve had a good time but it’s much easier and better and more fun with Dad around!
I did get a nap today, praise the Lord, but Apollo was pretty upset for a while for reasons I don’t really know, so it took a long time to get my nap. And he and I would fall asleep a few minutes and he’d start crying again. It was probably some gas and some over tiredness and some general upsetness at something. Babies have off days just like adults do I imagine. 

But sleeping with him was really nice and I do love to hold him and kiss his head. I just love him. 

We went on a good walk today and wrapped a few Christmas presents and I did my best to meet his needs. We ate a really healthy dinner, and a smoothie instead of ice cream, so I’d call that success. Okay I’m sleepy. Tata. 

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