Praise Naptime 

6 September 2017

Apollo is normally napping twice a day for an hour or so each time. Sometimes he naps for two hours and sometimes 20 minutes. Naptime is a special time – an important reset for me and the boy. 

Today he napped for just over two hours! Wowie! I did a lot and enjoyed myself and Apollo woke up a happy boy, after crying and cuddling for a couple minutes. :)

Our Amazon order came in today too, so now Apollo has more drool bibs, and an amber teething necklace, and a thermometer, and a run on sentence, and some stain/odor remover, and a deshedder for animals, and some dog food, and yay. Apollo is enjoying playing with the little boxes and things that came with the order. And now he’s enjoying playing with the lid topper from his baby soap. 

Apollo and I made banana cookies this morning. Yum. I like them with lots of chocolate chips and he gets them without. 

Aaaand it’s been very rainy lately. 

And! It’s my dad’s birthday! He’s the best and we need him around. I’m lucky and blessed to have him!

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  • Reply Alyssa stevenson 6 September 2017 at 16:56

    Yay for naptime…. it’s so funny because right now Luke is taking a nap and I want one BUT our Amazon package is suppose to come today (diapers and computer charger) and I really need both and don’t want to fall asleep and miss the Amazon delivery (because they don’t leave it and you have to call and reschedule and it’s hard w/o knowin japanese) so yesss I’m waiting for Amazon and wanna nap and you just blogged about amazing and napping and we are soul sistas.

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