March celebrations

27 March 2018

I remember learning the joke in elementary school where you stand behind your friend, and then ask what month comes after February…. MARCH.
And then you march and hit their bum. Classic.

March has been a good month around here. Apollo turned 16 months, I turned 29 years. There have been plenty of celebrations with those milestones, along with international women’s day, St. Patrick’s day, and now it’s Holy Week! I love Holy Week.

I really enjoy my days with Apollo. We spend most our time at home, but do try and commit to story time each Thursday at the library. I don’t like too many other commitments haha, and I don’t like anything to interrupt nap time! We go on lots of walks, play with legos, make food, clean up messes, color, read books, and enjoy cartoons.

This month we’ve enjoyed some special gatherings in our with friends and food. I’m really grateful for the people around me who enrich my life and make me feel good inside. And I’m really grateful for the nature at our doorstep. And I’m grateful for my sweet collection of legos!

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