Naming Apollo Ray

19 November 2018

Naming our first little baby was not easy! But we put much thought, prayer, and searching of random baby name websites at night to find the name Apollo. I’m not sure how we initially came across it, but it made its way onto our big list of names. Through more late night deliberation, “Apollo” even gained its stars for a name that we both really liked.

The name Apollo is associated with a few big things: the Greek/Roman god of sun and light, the Apollo program of missions to the moon, and the boxer from the Rocky movies. For starters, as much as I’ve grown to love Rocky the past year, we didn’t name our boy after Apollo Creed.

The Greek and Roman god Apollo has been recognized as a god of music, prophecy, healing, archery, poetry, and of course, sun and light. We see our boy seeking truth and goodness throughout his life. And in naming our babe, the main reason I wanted to choose the name Apollo is the connection to sun and light.

There’s a legend that talks about Apollo taking the chariot of the sun across the sky each day. When I look at my boy, I see him spreading the light of the sun (or the Son) as he goes about his day. His smiles, his curiosity, his magic, Apollo is a spreader of light wherever he goes. <3

Long after Ancient Greece, came Project Apollo, which sent space flights to the moon! Super neato. I love looking up at the night sky, feeling small yet significant, and think it’s pretty incredible that humans have been to space. Chris, being an aviator, also likes the flight aspect of it all. And little Apollo always seems to notice to the moon in the sky, weather it’s day or night. He’s connected.

We want Apollo to reach for the skies, to look up, and to know how connected we all are in this vast universe. We hope he understands that anything is possible and he’s capable of so much. His potential is infinite.

Apollo turns two today. My sweet little ray of light has been growing and learning (and teaching) on earth for the past two years, and it has been the best, most joy filled time. Oh how we love our little Apollo!

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