Tie dye for the win

14 April 2020

LOOK HOW AMAZING THIS TIE DYE TURNED OUT. What a dream to be in matching rainbow swirl tie dye with my boys. 💛

I haven’t posted anything on here in a long time, but I’m good at my Instagram stories and keeping my Instagram up to date! It’s a pretty good record of our life.

I used to keep the boys Instagram updated too, but I’m months behind and want to get caught up.

River is 14 months old tomorrow. Apollo is 3.5 years old. Wow, that means he’s almost 4, which means he’s almost 5 and then in kindergarten and then will be in school till he’s all grown up. 😭 I loooove my little boys. They’re the best.

Chased down the ice cream truck in Ojai

We spent a couple months in California this winter and it was so so lovely for us. But with corona virus outbreak, we came back home to alaska a few weeks early. It’s great to be home.

Quarantine life is basically like my regular life, except I see less people, which I miss. People are good. But being cozy at home is really nice too.

Ok bye.

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