Bussin’ to Egypt

26 January 2009
Marhaba! We bussed it to Egypt! Yay! We went from Jerusalem to Cairo, and stopped at a Kibbutz near the border for the night. Fun parties all along the way. We stopped at all these cool places and of course learned all these cool things and took many cool pictures. This is the greatest field trip ever.
First stop was Tel Beer Sheva, or Beer-Sheba. It was an old little city where Abraham lived way back in the day.

We had to wear hard hats because we walked through a cave where they get their water from.

Note to self: prevent people from wearing hard hats with hoods and ponytails.

Human sacrifice, on the four horned, Pagan alter.

Coolest sign in the world! BEWARE OF CAMELS NEAR THE ROAD! Yay yay!

Next stop: Wilderness of Zin, where the children of Israel wandered for sooo sooo long.

Attempt at jumping picture in the Wilderness of Zin.
Next stop: Avdat! a wiiiiiicked old little city. Here’s some cooooooool ruins. I love ruins.

They had these really super cool to the max metal sculltures all over the ruins too. The first on we saw was of this camel caravan. Loved it!

Marianne and I posing on the camel. Fun fun!

You know I loooooove camels. I really really do.

Going for a walk with my new friend.

Talking story with the peeps, the Avdateans, actually, I think the people who inhabited this city were Nabateans maybe. Hmm…. I’m not sure.

Avdat was the coolest place of the day. I love taking pictures at ancient ruins, oh yes I do.

This is the entrance into the city soccer field/ entrance into something I called the soccer field.

Working it.

Just standing on a wall that is almost 2000 years old.

I think this must’ve been a bathroom way back in the day, it looked like the perfect spot.

Here’s what the bathroom was like at out next stop. I’ve never seen a woman symbol with a dress like that. :)

Me and two of my roomies at some huge crater.

We finally made it to the Kibbutz, after a looooooong journey. A kibbutz is like a little self sufficient community where all the people work and live there and everyone gets paid the same no matter what their job is. It’s an interesting way of life. They also get all of their food and housing paid for. They have a bunch of cows and do dairy, and they have a bunch of agriculture stuff. 

This was in the little cafeteria thing. I want a bench shaped like a cow.

After we crossed the border from Israel to Egypt, you could tell we were there simply by bathroom quality. Egypt bathrooms are no good. Here’s a sign that was on the wall. Most of the toilets hardly flush and there’s never any toilet paper. To go into the bathroom you have to pay the bathroom attendant and she’ll give you a few squares of toilet paper. It’s crazy being in Egypt.

Here’s the bus, where we spent so many many hours.

Finally made it to the hotel in Cairo, where they had a sweet playground with all sorts of fun things. This China man shaped trash can was one of the highlights of the Oasis Hotel in Giza.

The journey to Egypt was a long one, but pretty cool of course. You gotta love these wicked good field trips we have at the Jerusalem Center.

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