Cairo: Pyramids, Sphinx, Ramses!

27 January 2009
We left our hotel in the morning, after not eating fresh fruit for breakfast or drinking the water. We could only drink bottled water the whole time, and we couldn’t eat the fresh fruit or vegetables either because they had been infected by the bad water. If we did drink the water, even with just brushing our teeth, then diarrhea would be very likely. Diarrhea did indeed occur.
This picture barely shows what driving was like in Cairo. It was insano. In no way do they obey traffic laws and they just drive wherever they can squeeze in. They turn two lane roads into four. The drivers are actually quite talented. 

Here’s the standard housing in Cairo that is allll over. It doesn’t look like the best, and we say way worse housing than this.
There were so many sweet vans. Many of them were taxis and they shove so many people into those taxi vans and bus type things. Crazy daisy man.
The Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza! This is it. This is it. I was here.
This thing was huge, and so incredible edible egg. How did they build them? And it was thousands of years ago. 
Jumping on the huuuuuuuge pyramid stones. These stones are huge. I jumped on them.
The cool dudes, making a pyramid on the pyramid.
These stones rock.
THE PICTURE – Kara and Chelsea at the pyramids
Me and my roomies, being ancient Egyptians at the ancient Egyptian pyramids. There are these main three on the Giza plateau but a lot of other pyramids in other places around Egypt. 
Chelsea was here. She saw these wonders.
Walk like an Egyptian
We can’t forget the dear ol’ Sphinx too!
Eating the nose off the Sphinx.
dearest Marianne and I, loving seeing Egpyt
We also went and saw some statues of Ramses. I like that he’s smiling. Happy Egypt.
The statues they make are so crazy huge.
Then we went to the first pyramid, a step pyramid, I believe built by Amenhotep. 
Shamra, Lauren, et moi!
The earlier tombs were called mastabas, and they were just regular structures. But the pyramids came about by placing mastabas on top of mastabas, creating step pyramids and the first pyramids.
Thanks to dear Holly girl sister sister for my ring… :)
Another sweet picture of Kara and Chelsea, and our Egyptian adventures!
This dude was rocking it on the camel, and I couldn’t not take a picture. I love camels. I love them. They’re the most awkward looking animals in the world. 

We had quite a jam packed, adventurous day in Cairo. And to top that off, that night, we got on a plane and flew to Luxor. This trip is long and busy and cooooool beans. I went to the pyramids today!

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