Ein Kerem

18 March 2009

Today we had a free day so we went to Ein Kerem, which a beautiful little village where John the Baptist was born. I loved it so much here.

See… so beautiful. I love nature. :)

We went into a few churches there and inside guess what there where… mosaics! Yep. It’s true. Some cool people many many many years ago made this beautiful church and this cute little birdie mosaic.

Churches are holy.

Flowers are so beautiful. I love them. I love them in my hair. I love sunshine and flowers and Ein Kerem all together.

Inside one of the churches there was this absolutely beautiful painting of Mother Mary and Baby Jesus. I love it.

When we were walking around the town, I walked by this car and there was a car seat in it. But that’s not the best part… as you can see, there was a doll sitting in the carseat and it pretty much cracked me up. So I took a picture and am showing it to the world.

Marianne, Chelsea, and Cate outside of St. John’s church. I think this commemorates John the Baptist’s birthplace.

Chelsea and Shamra, my cool to the max roomie, inside the church

Outside of the church there were all of these plaques with scriptures about John the Baptist in lots of different languages. This one is francais. Hooray! Je l’aime.

beautiful little magical staircase

After buying a sandwich, an apple, and some love nuts and eating it in a park, we continued our Ein Kerem journeys. We wandered into a little art gallery with these beautiful gardens outside. The guy had some really cool art and I loved his gallery. Here’s some pomegranates.

Then we walked on this oh so magical path to go to the hospital up on the hill that had some incredible stained glass windows. They were done by Marc Chagall and there are 12 of them, one for each tribe of Israel. They are amazing.

Sitting on the hillside pondering the eternities… :)

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