Living in Bible Times

22 March 2009
Neot Kedumim… what does that mean? I don’t know. But that’s what our field trip was called today. We went to this place where you do all these things like they used to do in the Bible. Fun fun.
First we had a little sheep herding contest. We had to get all of the sheep to move from circled area to circled area and keep them in there for 30 seconds. My team won. Yay!

Good thing I didn’t try to herd the sheep by myself, because they were quite unresponsive to me. Actually, when I tried to get a picture with them, they just avoided me and ran away.
They ran away from Kara too.
Then we went caterpillar hunting, as they did in the Bible. Just kidding. I just have this new fascination with bugs and I like to make friends with them. Except…
THE CATERPILLAR POOPED ON ME! I was observing its incredibly engineered body, then I saw a little something coming out of its bum and screamed and the caterpillar fell on the ground. Then I looked on the ground and saw this little green conglomeration of caterpillar poo. Wow… a whole new realm of understanding with the fecal matter world.
After the caterpillar poo incident, we ground up some hyssop and some other stuff and made some sort of spice. Lauren is so good with that ol’ mortar and pestle.

This is my hand that I used for my mortar and pestle party. Check out my new watch… HARRY POTTER!
When I take notes on the field trip, I like to draw pictures. Today I drew a lovely picture of Harry Potter. I’m a big fan of that HP.

It is getting so beautiful here. There are flowers all over the place. Also in my time in nature, I found some mosquito eaters in love. Then all of these little children found a chameleon or some big lizard type thing. Cool to the max.We also saw a Torah scribe. The Torah is the first five books of Moses and the Jews are such devout Torah studiers. The Torah scroll has to be had written by a scribe, who studies how to do it and it has to be perfect. Incredible edible egg.Almost as exciting as watching the scribe was finding a bathroom. Hooray for toilets. Actually, I’d rather squat than use a lot of the toilets over here. 

It was a delightful little field trip today. I loved it. It was great because a lot of times we just go and see sites and ruins and its fun stuff when you herd sheep and do things. And also, it was just so beautiful today. Green, sunshine, flowers, I love it.

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