When in Rome (in Jordan)…

3 March 2009
Day 3 in Jordan was spent in Jerash, which is an ancient Roman city in Jordan. It was awesome. I loved it loved it loved it. I’ve never seen anything like this so it was so wicked cool.

This is Stephanie, Miriam, Cate, and I at the place where they’d have fun jousting parties just like in A Knight’s Tale.

Here’s our tour guide Thaar and in the background is a cool dude in a sweet Roman costume. 

Cate and Chelsea are in Jordan! Yay! I love traveling the world. It’s the coolest of cool.

It was so so beautiful in Jerash. I absolutely loved this day. First of all, I was wearing a skirt. I love skirts. They are so much cooler than pants. Also, it was a beautiful sunny sunny day. And… things were green. I didn’t feel like I was just chillin’ in the dessert. I love green.
All of the ruins were so incredible. Check out this staduim. Wow to the max.
And so so many pillars. Isn’t it the best. It was so beautiful there. I had such a fabulous day. 
I’ve seen quite a few ruins and ancient things lately, but Jerash is definitely one of my favorites.

I love flowers. I love beautiful flowers in greeness and in ancient Roman ruins. By the way, not that these are dandelions, and not that dandelions are technically flowers, but dandelions are pretty much my favorite flowers anyway. 

Chelsea and dear Kara leaving the Jerash. Cool beans huh. Yes. I love it.
We left Jerash and stopped at this beautiful lookout here in Amman, Jordan. I am so happy to be in the beauty. I love nature! Yay!
With the end of our Jerash visit, we went to the Amman, Jordan branch of the church. We had a little fireside thing there. It’s so interesting experiencing what the church is like over here. Not only are Mormons minorities, but Christians in general are huge minorities. Jordan and Egpyt are Muslim countries and Israel is a Jewish country, so it’s so different thinking that only a few people around you believe in Christ.

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