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Petrificus Totalus!

3 March 2009
Day 2 in Jordan was spent in Petra. Your first thoughts for Petra might be Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, but my first thought it “Petrificus Totalus,” which is a Harry Potter spell. Cool huh? Petra is an ancient Nabatean city famous for it rock cut architecture. There are such incredible structures that are completely carved out of rock. How would you do that? I don’t know Joe.
This is me and my bus buddy, Stefanie. Are you ready for a funny funny hilarious story?
   The whole group of us left the hotel in the morning and we started for Petra. We were just walking on the sidewalk with pretty planted trees on it and things, to the trailhead type thing for Petra. Anyway, this little ol’ bus buddy of mine had a bit or an orange juice mustache, so I was telling her, because that’s always a good things to do, always.
   As I was looking to my right, focusing on Stefanie’s beautiful face, a lost focus of what was right in front of me. Then >WHACK
   It was the funniest thing of the trip. It was sooooo funny. I can’t even tell you. And it was funnier because one of our professors was walking right next to us when this incident occurred and he was genuinely concerned. He was just like, “Are you okay?!” And I was just bent over in half cracking up. It was so awesome. Oh man that was hilarious.
   So heads up, look out for the trees.

After walking through the wadi, or the ravine, we came to THIS! This is the treasury in Petra. This is what’s shown in Indiana Jones. It was so amazing. On the walk in we saw some carvings in the rock walls and I thought those were amazing, because how do you make such good carvings out of rock like that? Then we got to the treasury and it’s this huge cave inside and the outside is the detailed, symmetrical, totally amazing architecture.
You might already know this by my camel sweatshirt I’m wearing and all of my random camel paraphernalia, but I have a strange obsession with the beloved, awkward camel. They’re the coolest.
As we walked further inside, we saw more and more amazing architecture and things. Here’s remains of a Roman theater behind Cate and I. The Romans conquered this for a while and there is a lot of Roman influence in all the architecture.
I also used a wicked cool bathroom here in Petra. The ceiling and walls were the beautiful rock that surrounds Petra. Then there were stalls inside and fortunately for me, there was a squatter! I love those squatter toilets.
This is it. This is what it’s like. There weren’t too many squatters around, but every time there was, you know I took full advantage of the opportunity and used it.
Along with the fascinating squatters, there was also this mountain shaped like a camel. Yay!
Then we hiked up 850 steps or something, and a big ol’ mountain, up to the monastery, which is probably the most amazing part of it all right now. This is Heidi and I in the beautiful rocks.
Then… we made it to the monastery, which is similar to the treasury kinda, but way cooler. Wow. I love being here so much. I have never seen things like this before. This is the most incredibly experience. I am such a lucky ducky.
We were trying to spell J-o-R-d-A-n.  We did pretty fabulously.
Hooray for this. Lisa, Elyse, and Chelsea… Petrified in Petra. Check out that monastery behind us, totally just carved right out of the rock. It’s perfect.

Then we kept hiking past the monastery and came this view. I love the beauty of the earth.

On the hike out I discovered another cool little buggie bug. So I put my camera on super macro and took some sweet pictures of little bug.
All in Petra there are Bedouins and little children who are trying to sell you things. This one girl was soooo cute. All of the kids here are just so beautiful and so sweet and are so interested in us. I love them.
As I said goodbye to Petra, I thought I’d throw a goodbye kiss at the camel too. Actually, I didn’t really kiss it, it was scary. It’s creepy putting your face so close, especially with their beastly long tongue. Who knoww what could happen.
Petra was so incredible. I need to think of more adjectives to describe all of these things, but they really are just incredible and you need to see these things for yourself. Petra is 100% awesome though. Loved it muchos.


  • Reply Tinger 15 March 2009 at 05:08

    this is so freaking amazing….


    I remember those squatters back in taiwan, they’re disappearing though.

    Miss you too much Chelsea… wish you have a great birthday too!

    wait for my mail!

  • Reply Moon Fogg 18 March 2009 at 08:56


    Dude your blog is like one of my favorites to read. You are so funny (and freakin’ adorable)

    I love you and I am glad we can snuggle all the time!!

  • Reply Michael Farnworth 18 March 2009 at 22:55

    Chelsea, you are a wonderful blogger with great pictues and scripts. God bless the camels and the squatters. Keep having the time of your life! love ya,

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