Ma es-salame. Go in peace.

24 April 2009
My four months at the Brigham Young University Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies (aka the JC), was the best four months of my life up to this point. I learned so so so incredibly much and grew so much and saw so much. It was one of the most unique experiences anyone could ever have.
I learned about the history, the culture, the politics, but mostly I learned about Christ. Being in the Holy Land, Christ was obviously the center of my Jerusalem experience. It was the best. I miss it so much.
So sad to say goodbye. Peace out JC.
Shalom 408. Best Jerusalem roomies I could ever ask for. We had so much fun fun in our little room. Love these girls.

Bye bye for now to the best Old City explorers and best Middle East adventurers in the world. Miss you girls.

I miss it so much. I wish I was still there.
But peace out.
Ma es-salame… go in peace.

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