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The Third Day of Christmas

28 December 2009

three french hens

[faith, hope, and love]

The opening hymn in church today was a Christmas song. Goody goody gumdrops (except we were late so I didn’t get to sing most of it. Oh bugger.) But I’m glad we still sang a Christmas song, because Christmastime is not over. I don’t want the Christmas decorations to go down. I don’t want the Christmas music to stop playing. And I don’t want the Christmas spirit to leave.

I do miss the anticipation of Christmas day, but I don’t really have a bad case of the “after Christmas blues” this year. I suppose because I’m still home in Winter Wonderland Alaska with my family, which is what I wanted most. And it’s still Christmas-y because I’m still listening to Christmas music, I’m still eating Christmas goodies (unfortunately), and I’m now blogging about the 12 days of Christmas! :) And looking forward to Epiphany.

After church today, the fam bam came over here to Mom’s house and we had a little feast. We’ve been feasting a lot these days. I soooo love all of the good family time I’m getting. It’s the best.

Since today is the Third Day of Christmas, Stacy and I watched three movies, in a row, and on Mom’s new TV from Holly and Jordin. I just sat here on my computer going through photos and stuff as we watched three movies. Three three three. We watched Nights in Rodanthe (excellent, I liked it a lot a lot), Whale Rider (good good, glad I finally saw it), and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (classic).

I really like Christmas Break.

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