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20 August 2010

Took the boat across bay to Humpy Creek. Put on the waders and went swimming with the hundreds of fishies, trying to catch them with my hands. Sat on the river banks and played with the girlies. Pretended there were tigers.

Walked down to Diamond Creek with the fam! The sun even came out for us.
Had some waaaaay big tides. I love big tides. Perfect for tide pooling.
I of course took Matilda Hilda Ukulele on our beach hike. I take her everywhere these days.
lovely little feather
a little smashed in the backseat with my darling nieces
Another low tide day we went to Bishop’s Beach and wandered around.
Goodness I love them.
Cousin It came to the beach with us too.
sea star!!
Natalie and Johnny Appleseed the dinosaur.
We love the beach so so much.
The next day I went camping on the beach. I loooove camping and tents and campfires and lots of things.
I love gnarly barnacles too.
And sweet beach adventures day after day.

Oh yes, and I have been doing much tie-dying lately. It’s fantastic!

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