Aracruz Round 4

22 August 2011

Oi queridos!
We had transfers this week. Just full of happy and sad feelings! Most thankfully, our dear Presidente let Sister do Prado and I go to the transfer meeting in Vitória even though we weren’t transfered. I looove transferências! It’s sooo good to see everyone! So wonderful. Most of the pictures this week are from transfers because it was just a marvelous day seeing some of my most favorite people and playing in Vitória.
But sadly Sister Dias and Sister Michelotto were transferred and I miss those crazies a lot, but we’ve got Sister Cunha and Sister Vieira here now, who are just wonderful.
And another sadly/happily, Sister Morales is now home and I had to say goodbye. :( but que alegria to have such good blessed souls in my life!
And at transfers I got heavenly mail! Muito obrigada to dear Denise, Holly, Mom, and of course the whole Cottam family. My goodness I am blessed with wonderful peeps.
Sister do Prado and I had a great week of missionary work, as always. :) We found some super super wonderful people, but most unfortunately, they didn’t go to church. Why don’t these peeps go to church?? It takes so much work and we go to get them and they pretend they’re not home and ladeedahdada…
Anyways, Mirian, the wonderful mother of two of our recent converts, finally came to church. Three months of trying to get her to church and she finally went! Yay! And she loved it, all three hours. Adn she said how she just felt so much peace. Now she just has to stop smoking and then… batismo! But they are some of my most favorite people here in Aracruz and I”m happy I’m still here.
By the way, my little dedinho, aka little big toe, is doing good. I had a few glorious days in flip flops with a big ol’ bandade, but now I’m just using regualar spiderman bandaids and some cream.
And the new Assistente, Elder Lopes Silva, called last night to ask about a girl Sister Morales and I were working with when we were in JArdim da Penha. Her name is Elisangela and she most unfortunately decided not to get baptized at the time, but they’re working with her again and how lvoely it is to know when the seeds you have planted are reaping fruits!
Well I’m learning oodles, basically that we can do anything and nothing is impossible. :) But seriously, pode fazer qualquer coisa com o Senhor.
PS Bye Buddy. Hope you find your dad. :)

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